When we first started taking our son to see Dr. Luke, he was struggling with focus and processing information. Since then we have been pleased with the overall results. The scans have shown an improvement and his demeanor has gotten better... It's been some of the little things we have noticed which is a great step in the right direction.


- Michelle S.


Happy Patients


We have had experience with Chiropractic care but when we met Dr. Griess, he specialized in babies and children and was a whole different experience. He took great care in the exam of my children and showing me the findings. When we came in for our adjustments, they were done with no pressure and my children enjoyed the times they would come. If you’re not getting the answers from your MD, Dr. Griess is a great solution!

— ginger j.

Griess Chiropractic and Wellness Center is top notch when it comes to mental and physical wellness. 
Dr. Griess has helped my son with: 
1. Nocturnal enuresis. 100%!
2. Seizure-like episodes of unknown origin per neurologist. Significant decrease in episodes!
3. Deaf anxiety.

We made a long term commitment to wellness that has paid off.

Align the spine to help your mind

— theresa N.

Kyhler struggled with aggressive behaviors for several years but they became more prominent when he started kindergarten a year and half ago. Before chiropractic care, Kyhler would frequently throw things and argue when asked to do something or when told “no.” at times he would hit and kick to the point I had to hold him until he calmed down. Since Kyhler began treatment he rarely becomes aggressive. He is better able to focus in class and is more willing to follow directions

— cathy g.

Libby was unable to even sit for long periods of time. Even just supper at a restaurant would be too long for her to sit without being in pain through her back and hips. We would, a lot of the time, have to cut it short, or she would have to stand for a while before she could sit down again,

Since starting her chiropractic care, Libby is now able to sit for extended periods of time without pain and sit up straight! She was also taking ibuprofen for the pain, which she very very seldom even needs now! She looks forward to her appointments and feels better with each one!

— Kate T.


My husband and I were struggling with fertility for a long time. We went through Dr. Griess for help and throughout the whole pregnancy and it was amazing. We had no complications, felt great, and no pain. I know that had a lot to do with coming to Dr. Griess. I would recommend anybody who is having any type of fertility issues or issues in that area come here and him look you over. We highly recommend coming here and we are excited for Jo to have her life started with chiropractic care.

— tanya n.

I was plagued by headaches and kinks in my neck. Dr. Luke prescribed an initial treatment plan. At first I was skeptical, but after a couple months I can honestly say I am free of migraines and other ailments that kept me from enjoying life. I am a regular customer now and highly recommend his service if you would like to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

— Chris c.

I can't say enough good things about Griess Chiropractic. Since our son was 3 months old he has battled sinus issues, allergies and ear infections. He has had tubes put in and has been on 18 rounds of antibiotics and he just recently turned 2. We were at a loss of what to do because once an antibiotic round was done he would be sick again within a couple weeks. I have heard of others having great experiences with visits to a chiropractor but was a little skeptical about it all. We started going to Dr. Griess in May and we haven't had an ear infection since! That's about 5 months now and that may not sound like a long time to most but when you are used to taking your little one to a doctor on a monthly basis that is a huge deal for us! Our son attends daycare and illness is passed around quickly there so he hasn't been immune to common colds but he gets over them faster and without the need of medication. If and when we have another child I plan to bring the baby starting at days old to Dr. Griess so we can prevent any issues before they start!

— megan n.

On May 22nd 2013, both myself and my unborn son Thor almost died during childbirth. He got stuck in my pelvis and had to be pulled out with forceps. I called Dr. Griess two months later crying that my baby was extremely fussy and I didn't know where else to go. He got me in the next day to get Thor adjusted. Immediately after being adjusted Thor was a different baby. The traumatic birth put a strain on Thor's neck and body. I knew after that I would never have another pregnancy without chiropractic care. Not only does Dr. Griess specialize in children, he cares more about helping people than making money. I've had two successful, very easy births following Thor because of Dr. Griess' skills. Now all six of my children see him and we wouldn't trust anyone else.

— jenny H.


Barrett first started getting adjusted because he was struggling with very bad anxiety, ear infections, and sensitivity to noises. We have seen such great improvement with Barrett, it has been so awesome to see. The meltdowns have subsided, his anxiety issues are so few and far between it seems like a past time.

-Sarah N.

When Ryker first started getting adjusted he had issues with nervous ticks, anxiety, stress, and shutting down completely. His family would have to take his needs into consideration before they could do many activities. Now, Ryker is so much more engaged in school and is communicating more than he has been. He is much more understanding and seems to be more relaxed.

- Randy F

We started seeing Sarah when she was struggling with chronic hip and knee issues. Since she has been coming into the office to be regularly adjusted we have seen a HUGE change in her. The rest of the family has joined her for wellness adjustments as well, and we are happy to have the tribe! It has been so great being a part of your family's wellness journey

-Ruch family